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Why Us?

We are not a big "corporate" company which is driven by the stock price. We are privately owned, and work hard to ensure that our business partners do not become simply a "number"
to the company, but rather, an individual business made up of PEOPLE who depend on us to earn their living.


“I have been driving a truck for over 25 years and have worked for different companies.  Harris Titan has proven to be the best company I have worked for.  I have been treated like a person, not just a number.  During last year’s blizzard and this year’s flooding, they contacted me to check on the well being of my family.  Something so small meant the world to us.  We knew they were there for us if we needed anything.  I don’t just have a job, now I have an extended family.”
Ron, agent and owner operator


“I have been working with Harris Titan since 1991 as an agent and an owner operator.  The whole staff from safety to dispatch, really go the extra effort to help you make every mile count.  The president and vice president make you feel as every trucker counts, no matter if you have one truck or 20 trucks.  They really make you feel as if we are all family.  I could not, and would not, find a better company to work with.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone.
Fran, agent and truck owner


“I have been an agent for Titan Transport since 2007, and have offices in two different locations.  This is my very first experience at being an agent, and I have to admit that Titan has made it very easy for me to be successful.  The entire staff, all the way up to Izzy Petrill the president of the company, is always there to offer assistance in anything myself or my drivers may need.  All of us in both of my offices look forward to many more years of being agents for Titan Transport.”
Patsy, agent and truck owner


“I have found that with Titan Transport, you can have a one-on-one conversation with anyone from the president to dispatch.  They will make the time to talk to you, unlike many other outfits that will bounce you around, and maybe get back with you.  Titan and its people are willing to help you to achieve your goals, as well as help you grow.  I find these qualities to be very rare in this industry!  I have found that with Titan, it is what you yourself want to make of it.  There is a very old saying that applies to this – “an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.”
Jon, agent


“I have been with Harris Titan for a few years now, and I am convinced that my success has been made possible due to the flexibility and helpful attitude of the staff.  The company is very much old-fashioned in its work ethic.  I have only found two minor settlement issues ever - both of which were quickly solved.  I have never lost an owner operator due to pay issues.  Our credit department is the fastest I have ever worked with, and the billing and settlement folks are diligent and precise - they always work hard to ensure accuracy.  While our safety department is focused on 'safety first', they are reasonable and do a good job in protecting us.  Our corporate dispatch department is exceptionally focused on owner operator success.  Come join us!  Come join a trucking company that works for their trucks - not any stock holders."  
Chris, agent
“I am an agent for Harris Transport, and my husband and I have been working with the company for over 13 years. We really enjoy the family-like atmosphere, the great quality of the people, and the services they provide.  Harris Transport is an awesome company to work for, and I can not thank everyone there enough for making our 13 years so great.”

Julie, agent


“Harris Titan has been a common household word in our home for over 20 years.  Our situation varies from other Harris agents.  We broker 99% of our freight.  In the beginning of our relationship, we had to convince loyal shippers to continue to use us personally, and to trust us in our personal decision to choose Harris Titan over our 10 year former company.  It took us about 1 month to accomplish this – why???

These were, and still are, the cornerstones to our Harris Titan successful saga: 

HONESTY (verbal at both locations).

FAITHFUL weekly checks.

FINEST office personnel in the business.

CARING and helpful when personal stress arises.

COMPLETE knowledge of trucking industry.

Now, the most important benefit of all – MONEY!  Because we all worked hard (respecting rules & regulations) throughout our continuous service to each other – we have all made money.

Looking back and recalling the entire 20 year picture, we are pleased.  My husband Herb is retired.  I am also retired, and slowly transferring the agency to the second generation.  The second generation will use the same cornerstones.

If you are willing to do honest, hard work and add another beneficial stone, make Harris Titan your profitable home.”

Dianne, agent



About US

Harris Transport is an agent & owner operator company, which was founded in 1985 as part of the Harris Transportation System. HTS is a privately held, diverse transportation company as follows:

Harris Trucking is …

A company truck operation which began in 1968 and is located in Madison Heights VA

Our agent & owner operator companies are …

Harris Transport (agent brokerage),

Titan Transport (owner operators),

Veterans Express Transport Services (a division of Titan Transport)

Titan Logistics (a division of Harris Transport)

Harris Transport is essentially a good home for those who believe in the “old school” saying, People always come first – trucking comes second. In other words, our focus is on customer service to our agents, owner operators, fleet owners and customers. It’s your success which drives us!

Of course, safety is always priority #1

In addition to our commitment to safety, at Harris Transport, we strongly believe it is our duty to provide the necessary services to help our people achieve their financial goals. Since we are privately owned, Harris Transport is far from being a big "corporate" company, driven by the stock price.

It’s also very important to us that our agents do not become simply a "number" to the company, which can often happen in the “mega” agent companies. In other words, we recognize the simple premise that our agents are PEOPLE, who depend on us. We very much believe in the truth of the simple concept:

"If you’re successful - We’re successful"

How We Operate

As our brokerage & logistics division, Harris Transport is ready to help you serve your customers’ need for quality capacity. Our information is below:

Harris Transport (MC #195392, DOT #285564, SCAC is "HAPR")

When you become an agent for Harris Transport, you’ll have the ability to represent both a logistics provider (through Harris Transport) and a trucking company (through our Titan Transport division). We’ve been in the transportation business since 1985, so we are not new at this. We are a well insured company, and we have a long history of success.

We are truly hopeful to add to our agent and owner operator family.

The Bottom Line

This is what we ARE …

=> A quality agent company which believes in personal service.

=> A stable trucking & logistics carrier where you can grow your revenue with


truck recruiting and domiciles,

or both.

=> A broker with a long track record of proven stability.

=> A company with a home office which is dedicated to helping you move your freight. We will quickly set up carriers, post loads for you at no expense, and otherwise support your efforts to service your customers.

This is what we are NOT …

=> A hazmat certified carrier.

=> A large system where you can post loads and expect to cover freight with "system" trucks.